Watching Over Your Family

Because your most precious assets can never be replaced.

OMG, The Kids Are Driving!

It happens in the blink of an eye. One day, the kids are playing with blocks. The next thing you know, they’re asking for the car keys.

Kids grow up fast. But, in reality teens don’t always make the best decisions. It’s way too tempting to step on the gas or add a few “extra stops” during that trip to the library.

Freedom + Security

Soterus1 combines the freedom to grow up with the security of Mom and Dad’s protection. Knowing it’s there encourages safe driving and good decisions.

Protecting Your Teens

Always-on technology encourages safe driving and good behavior.

24/7 Monitoring

Find your teens any time, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Location History

Location info is recorded every 2 minutes, so you’ll know where they’ve been.

Speed Limit Alerts

Set speed limits and receive a notification any time they go over.

Battery Sensor

Dead Battery Alerts ensure you never end up stranded in unfamiliar territory.

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Why Choose Soterus1?

  • Real-time GPS Monitoring on Your Smartphone

  • 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Unsurpassed Coverage in the US

  • Protection for cars, motorcycles, power sports and marine vehicles.

  • Portable & Fully Transferrable

  • Small & Covert

Protect Your Family Today

Soterus1 can be installed on your new or existing vehicle

at your local car, power-sport or watercraft dealership.