The Connected & Smart Theft Recovery Solution

Soterus1 Vehicle Monitoring & Family Protection

Protect Your Family

Protect Your Family

Realtime GPS monitoring, maintenance alerts and family safety tools for all your household vehicles.

Family Solutions

Manage Business Assets

Manage Business Assets

Soterus1 can be installed on any type of vehicle or heavy equipment. As about our bulk rate programs for 3 or more vehicles.

Business Solutions

Become a Distibutor

Become a Distibutor

Soterus1 is a natural fit for new car, motorcycle, marine or power-sports sales. Find out how we can protect your customers.

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Why Protect with Soterus1 GPS?

Soterus1 is designed to prevent theft first. But if it does happen, we work with local law enforcement to recover your vehicle quickly.

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Protect Your Vehicles and Your Drivers

Unsurpassed coverage throughout the US.

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Soterus1 is a natural fit for new car, motorcycle or power-sports sales.

Learn how we benefit you and your customers.