GPS Monitoring Add-on for Marine Dealerships

Our satellite-based solution locates boats and personal watercraft — even on the water.


Protection On and Off the Water

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, nearly 60% of all stolen marine vehicles are never recovered. Soterus1 uses advanced GPS to locate boats, jet skis and other personal watercraft — even on the water.

  • Monitor Boats & Watercraft Outside Cell Areas

  • Industry Exclusive Theft Guarantee

  • Instant Floorplan Audits

  • Dead Battery Notifications

  • Receive Maintenance Alerts Based on Usage Hours

  • Customer-Friendly F&I Program

  • Transfer to Customers Without Reinstalling

Easy to Use & Install

Our GPS monitoring units come fully assembled, are easy to install and require no maintenance on your part — all at a cost up to 30% less than standard cell-tower tracking systems.

Benefits for Your Customers

Advanced GPS satellites can locate your car anywhere.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Find your boat on or off the water — even outside of cell areas.

Maintenance Alerts

Set automated reminders for regularly scheduled service intervals.

Family Safety

Speed limit alerts and location history help protect teen drivers.

Smartphone App

Check your vehicle’s location on your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere.

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Protection Beyond Sales

Use Soterus1 to Manage Your Own Inventory on the Lot

Why Partner with Soterus1?

  • 5 Million GPS Systems in Service Since 2004

  • Satisfied Customers in 30 Countries

  • Save Up to 30% Over Other Systems

  • Protection for cars, motorcycles, power sports and marine vehicles.

  • Everything You Need to Sell

  • We Handle All Customer Support

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Soterus1 is a natural fit for new car, motorcycle or power-sports sales.

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