Automotive Fleet, Delivery and Corporate Vehicles

Soterus1 provides confidence and security with realtime monitoring, speed-limits and geo-fence technology.


Reduce Vehicle Abuse & Theft

Employees don’t always treat your vehicles as well as their own. So, how do you reduce vehicle abuse while improving productivity and increasing profits?

Soterus1 encourages good driving behavior with location history, speed-limit alerts, and geo-fence technology. You’ll also receive real-time maintenance alerts based on mileage or time to keep your company cars in top running condition.

When your drivers know you care about their safety, driving habits improve and your cars last longer.

  • Guaranteed Vehicle Theft Recovery

  • Freight & Logistics Monitoring

  • Out of Zone Alerts

  • Low Battery Alerts via Text or Email

  • Reusable – Move to New Vehicle in Minutes

  • View All Vehicles in One Dashboard

  • No Monthly Fees

Simple to Install & Use

Our GPS monitoring units come fully assembled, are easy to install and require no maintenance on your part — all at a cost up to 30% less than standard cell-tower tracking systems.

Manage Your Fleet

Manage all your company vehicles and know the instant one goes astray.

24/7 Theft Detection

Alerts trigger any time a vehicle leaves the lot after hours.

Unlimited Geo Fence

Draw a shape and get notified any time a vehicle exits that area.

Vehicle Dashboard

Manage all your company vehicles on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Reduce Car Abuse

Encourage safe driving habits with real-time monitoring.

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Why Choose Soterus1?

  • Real-time GPS Monitoring on Your Smartphone

  • Theft Recovery Guarantee

  • Unsurpassed Coverage in the US

  • Protects Company Cars, Trucks and Vans

  • Unlimited Vehicle Searches

  • Corporate Plans with No Monthly Fees

Add Soterus1 to Your Fleet

Keep track of your vehicles, equipment and employees.

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