Manage Multiple Job Sites with Ease

Keep your heavy equipment safe, secure and working to make you money.

Information to Get the Job Done

Your equipment is expensive and time is money. So how do you ensure your machines aren’t wasting time sitting idle at one site when they could working at another?

Soterus1 lets you know where your machines are now and how long they’ve been there. You’ll get accurate information for billing, plus the security of our 24/7 GPS monitoring should anyone try to steal a bulldozer.

  • Early Theft Detection/Prevention

  • Display All Your Equipment on One Dashboard

  • Secure Your Machines with After Hours Alerts

  • Create a New Geo-Fence for Each Job Site

  • Reusable – Move to New Vehicle in Minutes

  • Location History for Accurate Billing

  • Receive Maintenance Alerts Based on Hours of Operation

Simple to Install & Use

Our GPS monitoring units come fully assembled, are easy to install and require no maintenance on your part — all at a cost up to 30% less than standard cell-tower tracking systems.

Secure Your Inventory

Manage vehicles across multiple lots and know the instant one goes astray.

24/7 Theft Detection

Alerts trigger any time a vehicle leaves the job site after hours.

Unlimited Geo Fence

Set job site parameters and get notified any time a vehicle exits that area.

Daily Reports

Know where your construction equipment is and where it’s been for accurate billing.

Keep ’em Working

Put your machines to work at another job site when work slows down.

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Why Choose Soterus1?

  • Real-time GPS Monitoring on Your Smartphone

  • Guaranteed Theft Recovery

  • Unsurpassed Coverage in the US

  • Protects Tractors, Equipment and Work Vehicles

  • Maintenance Alerts Based on Hours Used

  • Use Tracking for Rental Equipment Billing

  • Unlimited Vehicle Searches

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Keep track of your vehicles, equipment and employees.

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