Locate and Direct Your Workforce

Real-time GPS monitoring for delivery drivers, traveling salesforce and other mobile employees.


Is Bob in Freeport or Fresno?

Timing is everything, but your workforce is all over the city — maybe even the country. So how do you make sure they’re in the right place at the right time?

Soterus1 displays the location of every connected car right on your computer, tablet or smartphone. When Janet’s current meeting is mere blocks from a potential new client, you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

Simple to Install & Use

Our GPS monitoring units come fully assembled, are easy to install and require no maintenance on your part — all at a cost up to 30% less than standard cell-tower tracking systems.

  • Realtime GPS Updates

  • Location History Saved Up to 6 Months

  • Flexible Geo-Fence Keeps Drivers in the Zone

  • Unlimited Vehicle Searches

  • Reusable – Move to New Vehicle in Minutes

  • Speed Limit Alerts to Keep Your Drivers Safe

Right Place. Right Time.

Optimize productivity and keep your customers happy.

24/7 Location Updates

GPS updates each vehicle location every single minute.

Unlimited Geo Fence

Draw a shape and get notified any time a vehicle exits that area.

Vehicle Dashboard

Manage all your company vehicles on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Driver Safety Alerts

Encourage safe driving habits with real-time monitoring and speed notifications.

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Why Choose Soterus1?

  • Real-time GPS Monitoring on Your Smartphone

  • 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Unsurpassed Coverage in the US

  • Protects Any Type of Vehicle

  • Instantly Transfer to New Employees

  • Unlimited Vehicle Searches

Add Soterus1 to Your Fleet

Keep track of your vehicles, equipment and employees.

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